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I’m currently working on building a full (and professional) online portfolio website...
In the meantime, here you’ll find some of the designs, projects and publications that I’ve created. The magazines include creation of logos, branding identity, most photos and supervising the printed production. If you need more design samples please email me.
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Alfonso Coronamailto:alfonso@kitemm.com?subject=From%20Portfolioshapeimage_1_link_0

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•Other Design Samples•
My photos, projects and artworks can be found in the following links:
Dynamo Art CocoWalkhttp://Dynamoartcocowalk.comhttp://www.artcentersf.orgshapeimage_14_link_0
Amphibia Project is a music production and artist collaboration my role as Music Producer.
Amphibia Project vol.1http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/amphibia-project-vol.-1/id427687930?uo=4
Amphibia Project vol.2http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/amphibia-project-vol.-2/id444485488?uo=4
Manzanero Chill Album
Beautiful Electronica vol.1http://www.manzanerochill.com
•Music Production, Brand and Album Cover Design•
•Publishing Production•
•Photography Links•
•Social Projects•
•Branding Projects•
Amphibia Project vol.3http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/amphibia-project-vol.-2/id444485488?uo=4

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•Educational Program•

Pre-College Art & Design Program

I have an extensive teaching experience within private schools and college level students. I designed this after-school program that focuses on strengthening the visual and technical skills in Art and Design areas specific for college candidates pursuing similar careers.

Also designed this brochure and the website below.

for more info on my project please visit DynamoArtCocoWalk.com